Silent tears of the poet

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  1. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    thanks Cruel again for edit the title, i'm in your debt once more

    Season of Gray

    Look at this line
    Hearken what I want to say
    From the heart of mine
    Is one that need to be allayed

    Never my dream comes true
    In love, life and other to be yearned
    So far there were nothing to lose
    But the first day of love never return

    How thawing the kiss
    And fervid the cheek I once caressed
    Like rain to the earth flourish
    From heaven it poured to my loneliness

    Then what of the goodbye ?
    Nothing I fear, but romance departs
    I always loose, no one beside
    Folorn I was, no dream ever last

    There's so much left to say
    As too many love I wish to give
    But the leaves have turned gray
    On my grave, a lily longs to grieve​
  2. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    As the first time

    Blue street light
    I always have you aside
    Tell me love
    How many hearts have broken
    For love?

    Carry on, I will be strong
    Life is much shorter than a song
    For our time
    Will never be a rhymth

    We do feel despair
    Through the love we tried to share
    We do cry
    Even so, we don't know why

    All love whisper
    Are dying slowly with the winter
    But now
    I'm still loving her so
    As the first time
    I found her deep in my soul​
  3. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    A confession of ...

    Filthy Love

    Look into my dark filthy soul
    And beyond this window
    What do I see, what do I feel ?
    Nothing but a wound can't be healed

    She is my only love
    I long for her, as I try to hide
    The dirty needs that wrench my heart
    But in her eyes, can I ever lie ?

    The fountain of life, she guided me there
    Togeether we basked in the hopes, I scare
    That one day our eyes can't meet again
    And alone I was left in the rain

    Please know how much I resent
    The animal that rages within
    In the cage it never stops weeping
    For a day when it can be free

    But that day never comes, I have seen
    The shadow behind this window, your glee
    Sister, it's your face blushing in fire
    As another man thrusts you in desire

    How far I have run back just to see
    My only love and him in the scene
    Behind this window, something died
    And to where I can find comfort, and cry?

    "To the ocean, the deep silent tide
    To the shore where we used to sing
    The song of lover, of beautiful spring
    In its silence I found your smile
    Where our love belong"​
  4. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Dedicated to BS ...

    Don't go too far

    Can you hear what I say, though a whisper?
    Do you really listen to me, my sweet lover?
    Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking?
    Do you know that I'm not sad, but dying?

    Tenderly hold me, do you know that I'm cold?
    Day after day, my question is still unsolved
    For whom your eyes sparkle, like the stars?
    My love, please stay with me, don't go too far

    Remember who stayed with you all night long
    When the fire and the light were all gone
    Remember how we survived the winter nights
    Did you know that I was always by your side?

    Was I the one who tasted the bitterness?
    Of your tears, my heart was never rested
    Was I the one who love so hopelessly?
    That day will it come, can I still believe?

    My everything, I gave to you with no regret
    So please don't ask me to forget, to forsake
    Until death who will be waiting?
    For why you have gone so far, darling...​
  5. Black_Sabbath

    Black_Sabbath Mayor of SimCity

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    Hinagiku FC
    From me to SuJugean...

    Goodbye, my love, goodbye

    I turned my eyes,
    Looking at your face drowned in the final light.
    Your eyes were red,
    Your tears were constantly shed in the night.
    I heard your scream,
    You kept calling me in your dream.
    Your love was strong,
    But that was not the place where I belonged.
    Longing for a new start,
    I left all the old parts behind.
    Standing there in the night,
    You tried to grasp the last light.
    For what you could not find,
    It could never be by your side.
    I apologize,
    For breaking your heart, hurting your soul.
    Still the answer is but a silent "No",
    Let us find our own paths to follow.
    Please just let go,
    Let us free ourselves from sorrow.
    For the final peace of mind.
    Goodbye, my love, goodbye.​
  6. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    If we were really a couple, your poem would really break every last pieces of my hope, literally :))

    And I think this should be the theme song of our millenium breakup
  7. crymekyd15

    crymekyd15 Waiting to respawn GameOver

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    I only have two sentences:

    "To me, she is the one and only
    To her, I am an one of many"

    I think a two-sentence poem is very short, but I tried my best =)). I am really bad at literature.

    p/s: Can anyone show me how to switch to VNI mode? Typing in English with Telex mode is a real disaster :((
  8. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Look at the bottom left of this page, you will see a keyboard setting, change it to VNI or turn it off.

    and ... "To her, I'm the one of many"

    But I like it, this doubt, this torment, this sadness ... reflects from just 2 sentences

    However it isn't a poem yet, more like a statement, cus so far I have never seen a two sentences poem before
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 28/4/10
  9. crymekyd15

    crymekyd15 Waiting to respawn GameOver

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    Thanks for showing me how to switch to VNI mode and correcting my mistake:">. Next time I'll try more than "my best" to make longer and better
  10. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Well, it's not that because your "poem" was short, the best poem is best written like a story without too much euphemism, and for any good poem you can see Aristotle's story structure in there :

    Begin of the story
    Middle of the story
    The conclusion of the story

    Your "poem" splashed me with confusion, it reflected your sadness, and your reasons is because of the your beloved's unfaithful heart, dark and pitch black, but yet told me the end of the story: what did you do to after that, did you tell her how do you really feel, how do you tell her, what's her response, and how's your feeling after that ? ...

    So basically i'm looking forward to see an end of your poem pretty soon, my friend.
  11. Black_Sabbath

    Black_Sabbath Mayor of SimCity

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    Hinagiku FC
    In the eyes of the stranger

    Standing alone in the black mountain,
    The total stranger's filled with strange emotions.
    Staring at the vast and limitless ocean,
    Inside him is nothing but repentance.

    People came and went,
    Walking on the same path again and again.
    A green field with tranquility
    Turned into a wasteland of uncertainty.
    People ran, people hid.
    Bullets took the lead.
    Piercing through the flesh,
    Human meat, so fresh!
    Scattered on the way,
    Organs were like weeds in May.
    A bit here, a little there,
    Some arms, some legs, some heads and some hair.
    Staring at the nearby river,
    Couldn't even tell if it was blood or water.
    Speakers of the truth,
    Their words just could not get through.
    Cruel were the dark days, bright were the dead nights.
    Corpses were burning in the wicked fire.
    As lies spread,
    People lost their heads.
    Heading towards the destination,
    Disappearing was the resolution.
    Blood thirsty demons,
    Kept on eating humans,
    Munching flesh under big trees,
    All of which hung half-the-bodies.
    People's screams resounded endlessly.
    Kindness, there was not any.
    A little child was weeping,
    His dad had died when fighting.
    Giving without getting,
    Pain and suffering,
    The death bell was ringing,
    Breaking the little piece of silence.
    Laden sorrow in the gray sunshine,
    Red was dying the sky.

    Hides the total stranger,
    Stopped the blood river,
    Still everything is filled with wonder.
    And all the pain shall last forever...​
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 5/5/10
  12. angelmiharu

    angelmiharu Youtube Master Race

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    Bước Đi

    Ta đi mãi về một phía mặt trời
    Mặt trời lên, rồi mặt trời lại lặn
    Hoàng hôn thắm nhuốm ưu phiền trong mắt
    Biết về đâu khi đã nắng cuối ngày?

    Khẽ nhắm mắt ngăn khóe mi đừng cay
    Bước một bước là chẳng thể lùi lại
    Mặt trời lại lên, ta đi, đi mãi
    Dẫu sức cùng, vẫn đứng dậy...và đi

    Bước cứ bước, ta chẳng cần nghĩ suy
    Đường mịt mờ, giờ làm sao đi tiếp?
    Hoàng hôn in bóng người đơn chiếc
    Nghe giọt buồn mặn đắng trong tim.​



    Go ahead towards the sunlight
    The sun rises and sets in the sky
    Sunset brings my eyes the sadness
    Where to go at the end of day?

    Close my eyes that I will not cry
    Go forward, never can backward
    Again sun rises, so I'll go straight
    Feel tired, but stand up...and go

    Not thinking before going. So
    How can I go on when it's dark?
    In sunset, alone on the road
    Feeling sad...deep in soul.​

    By Ngọc Miharu
    HN, 03.06.2010
    crymekyd15 thích bài này.
  13. no003

    no003 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

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    I believe Joker does have some kind of love with Harley, but a maniac like him can not show it at a normal and healthy way.If Joker confesses his love,I believe he will write this poem to her

    Come to me, my dear sweet Harley,

    At first see you make me dizzy.

    I am may a killer in fact,

    But you see, at least I'm free.

    But this city is full of gory,

    Almost no place for us to live.

    I am Prince and you are Princess,

    Our castle: Arkham Asylum.

    For only you, Harley
  14. Sunoflife

    Sunoflife Mayor of SimCity GVN Veteran

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    My horny devil
    You are so cruel
    You fill me with lust
    Boiling all my blood.
  15. no003

    no003 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

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    Nemesis- Inspire by the relationship between heroes and villains
    We are Nemesis

    God know we are slick,

    I and you

    We are the opposites

    You are Life, I am Death

    I am Dread, you are Ease,

    You are free, I am locked

    Our last battle shall shock the world.

    We have long played the hero-villain game

    Since when we both known

    I and you are all the same.

    We are like,

    Grendel and Beowulf

    Optimus and Megatron

    The dragon and the prince

    In our blood we sink.

    I chose Red Queen and you chose Alice

    You played Achilles and I played Hector

    When my parents got divorced

    Just in time our teacher gave you a good score.

    Quite coincidentally, huh?

    You and I ,

    Nemesis of all time

    How we hate each other?

    Nah, I don't give a damn!
  16. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    I expect the grammar police will come, otherwise not worth posting here

    Blooming days

    If you ever see me die
    Please don't bring me back to life
    All I want is salvation
    From this long gone emotions

    All the kisses of yours
    Can't heal what has died before
    But my heart was grateful
    I wasn't alone, life was prideful

    This pool of red water
    Don't tread in any further
    I heard a voice calling
    A burning angel's descending

    She was once innocent
    A paradise seeker with temptation
    My leaden heart was light
    Through her embrace the end is nigh

    Of all loneliness

    The blooming days bid farewell
    I closed my eyes, from heaven to hell
    To where she's left me behind
    Was I not yours, and you're mine?

    The story would always end
    Once love could finally began
    I closed my eyes again
    May peace poison me in this rain

    My friend, in your heart
    Was there any true love?
    Or just one undying thirst
    Longing deeply for your first?

    From the dream you haven't told
    What you saw and can't hold
    It reigns forever strong
    In peace sing with me this song

    The blooming days bid farewell
  17. crymekyd15

    crymekyd15 Waiting to respawn GameOver

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    So long I had been travelling
    To find the most valuable thing
    Money, car or bling?
    No, they were not the thing.

    ore and more I searched
    For that unknown stuff,
    More and more I was hurt
    Hope crashed into dust.

    I had nowhere to go
    No clue to follow
    All the doors were closed
    Wrong choice that I chose?

    Loneliness ate my breath
    Felt like I was dead
    Would I ever have
    A chance before death

    Then, you came to my life

    Everything is rectified
    You are here, bringing the light
    Showing me the way to find
    The treasure of my life.​

    I already found it. You wanna know what it is? Read the bold letters above. Yes, it's S.M.I.L.E. It's your smile that brightens my days and warms my nights. Sorry if I meddle in your life too much, but all I want is to make you smile, as a clown. And I'll fight any mothafuckas that dare sadden you.
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 31/3/11
  18. MARfan

    MARfan The Warrior of Light GVN Veteran

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    Tầng hầm nhà chứa
    Depressed kid is depressing - free style poet :D - since 7th grade :
    I saw a kid
    With their friends

    I listened to a song
    Sat on a chair
    Closed my eyes

    I helped an old lady
    Cross the street
    Her hand shaking
    Terrify street

    I got good mark
    Bring home
    Got yelled
    Because my school

    I made my self a rope
    Put my head through
    A hole
    Kicked the chair
    Entered an etenal slumber

    Woke up
    It just a dream
    But when I realised
    I wanted to go back

  19. Tan8/6Online

    Tan8/6Online Dragon Quest

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    My baby on the shore

    My baby on the shore, my baby on the shore

    Deep and dark and wet and cold

    My baby on the shore, my baby on the shore

    Small and sad and lonely too.

    My baby on the shore, my baby on the shore

    why stare at it, velvet eyes

    forsaken, forgotten, forgiven


    My baby on the shore, my baby on the shore

    I search for you, you search for me

    Hanging from a limbo

    My baby on the shore, my baby on the shore.

    See me baby, see my bleeding heart

    drained out of tears to cry for your lost

    unfair, unfair so, oh my baby on the shore

    I search for you, but do you seek me?

    My sin, stained a dark blot

    stigma on that already dark shore

    please wait for me, please do not leave

    though I know, never have you forgiven.

    The scent of rue, the stink of blood

    Forever us, forever you, a piece of my flesh

    That traitorous boatman

    Do you think he will wait for us, oh my baby on the shore?

    A little crow, a little swallow

    perch on your shoulder and cry.

    A little maggot, two little maggots

    trying to gnaw you, but were swallowed alive.

    Don't I know you love me?

    Don't you know I do?

    I do so much that it kills me

    vowing to find you, oh my baby on the shore.

    Even, if he killed me many times over

    that from my blood roses bloom

    my love for you will nevermore ceased

    because you are my cub, my baby on the shore.

    You stroll down that limbo

    sleepy eyes, velvety

    lonely but not lost,

    do you hate me, my baby on the shore?

    oh no that beast,that beast of melancholy,

    devouring me, alive, alive

    no matter how many times it ripped my heart open

    that scar still hurt, so much I cried.

    My baby on the shore, strolling down that limbo

    ensnaring your path

    are the beasts of misery

    that keep devouring me, alive.

    (from Anatasia)
  20. springmount3785

    springmount3785 Youtube Master Race

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    what the hell, your English is so good, thank for your sharing kindly

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