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Dragon Quest, đến từ Hà Nội

[01] được nhìn thấy lần cuối:
    1. antomy_9x
    2. Nghệt
      FB me lol
    3. Nghệt
      Done,done and done
    4. Nghệt
      Seriously,I don't reallty have time to onl YM and talk so much VN
      So hand it over
    5. Nghệt
      Err your FB ?
    6. Nghệt
      The PSP Go is **** rite now
      There aren't many thing on the PSS
      I hope P3P'll be on it cuz the UMD is totally wiped out now :-s
    7. Nghệt
      Hav just returned from a sleep over party (I myself call it "group sex")
      Well if u consider that is cool then I'm cool
    8. AWT
      Sửa lại đống link Rapidshare của P3 giùm nhé :) Tớ mới sửa lại Link của Innocent Sin và P4, còn P3 chưa sửa :|
      P/s : Update tạm Link Mega của P3 vào rồi :|
    9. Back Gear
      Back Gear
      Well,the girls is all around me
      Hav to pick 1 4 the home coming....Considering a Japanese girl....
      *fag fag fag* are you hearing that sound ? :-??
    10. Nghệt
      Better read the novel dude
      Hav just came back from a insane party
    11. Nghệt
      Well I gotten over it long ago
      Because I'm in US :))
      There is anime 2 :-?
    12. Nghệt
      Hav u finished Battle Royal
      N giv me the link,I want to know all the characters in animated form :x
      Well,everybody in my school is kinda gettin' along
      My life is better than in HN-AMS,HN-AMS kids piss me of sumtime
    13. Nghệt
      I read the novel lol
      Hav u finish all of 'em ???
      I won't spoil anythings like SMT
      But in the end u could say no 1 really survive the game

      P/s:I picked it up on the plane =)
      That's why we r friend,hav sooo many same interests
    14. Nghệt
      Not my face but my sense of humors is kinda fitter in US =)
      It's not so gud at school in VN...I think
      But here...It's soooo gud ;;)
      The other day,the captain of the football team lifted me up half way to the art class =)
      He's kinda hot in the school,look just like a bear-his face
      It looks so weird :))
    15. Nghệt
      Well the boy r telling me bout a Vietnamese girl name Oliver...They say she's fine but I don't even met her once....These day,when I going around the skul,strangers just say "Hi,Duy".Who r they anw :-?? I'm like the classes clown now =)
    16. Nghệt
      Well,the girls is all around me :-S
      Hav to pick 1 4 the home coming....Considering a Japanese girl....
    17. Nghệt
      Dude,I'm kinda celeb at school now =)
    18. Nghệt
      It's good to find that the guys in football team,basket team think I'm cool(4 my name sounds funny to them n I can do the test without even thinking =) ).Sumtime they just slack off in the class n in the end dey end up like oh oh wat's the anwser,oh oh it's so long.N I just like oh giv me dat(finish after 2 min =) ).After that tdey just like here's my men

      I don't mean it but they are really bad at study =) But my cousins good at study 2.Gotta to keep uo with em
    19. Nghệt
      Sr 4 the late reply,I'm very very very extremely busy with life now
      I'm enjoying my life more than ever dude ???

      N PSP...........the heck ??? U sold ur DS ???
    20. minh_thang_pham
      đâu , anh chơi giả lập NDS .
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