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Hoogaku no Ame

Donkey Kong

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    1. Nghệt
      I see,its the type with bigger engine
      My dad has a Toyota R1100 or whatever like that
      I took me quite a while to drive that thing
      Now I can fly around the woodlands at 100 basically
    2. Nghệt
      So you lied to me ? Cool,dude !
    3. Nghệt
      Then who's gonna drive me around when I come bax ?
    4. Nghệt
      I'm getting drunk more often since I'm not driving anymore
      But get drunk and drive home in VN is indeed a bad idea.I say you have your limit
      And you need work out !
    5. Nghệt
      I'm drinking margarita now :)
      At least there are stuffs to make up for prom and grounded:Ryan and margarita XD
      Dog meat ? Idk,their good for sure but being here made me feel dog meat is kinda disgusting and I would never ever eat cat
      Enjoy your evening then,you need to get drunk way way way way way way way way more frequently than this
      Will you even get drunk ?
    6. Nghệt
      And today is prom,1/4 of the senior class is at South Padre beach right now and I'm stucking here.Tell me why I shoundn't shoot myself down again ?
    7. Nghệt
      So the dinner is just the formal part and my mom cooked for Jesus Christ's sake
      I was grounded because of the "crounch in between" part
      I buged my mom until she thinks I 90 on AP tests are good enough to ungrounded me for a rave party at downtown Houston
      Until a ugly ***** with no life lives around my neighborhood walked in and started to ***** about how overrated those parties are,how they abuse alcohol and have unprotected sex(my mom do whatever stuff with her mom btw).Seriously,how could she know if she never even been to a normal party leave alone those "dangerous" one.
      But Ryan and Regan(my other cousin btw) promised they will look after me so my mom let me go.Until I found out Ryan was serious about keep me away from alcohol and leave his brother alone(Regan is 1 year older than me,no we're at the same age right now)
      I asked him:"Do you practice to be an ahole or it comes naturally ?"
      He just nod....so anw,it was fun but no drunk
    8. Nghệt
      You wanna hear about my yesterday ?
      Of course you do !
    9. Nghệt
      The bad thing is I was tooo drunk and made it too obvious :(
    10. Nghệt
      Obviously not gonna work since the signal whatever only work around US I think
      K,I'm gonna share the story be4 I go to bed
      So just an ordinary after party since it's the end of baseball season.Aquino and some baseball guy decided to go on omegle and fool around
      This is the conversation
      Me:Mia name iaz Duy Pham
      Me:Do yoi liek cat ?
      Stranger:oh I do,are you a girl
      Me:yeas,Iam a girl or watevah you Amearicans call it
      Stranger:ok and I'm not American
      Me:Wan me sow you mah cat ?

      *I was standing behind and wtf*

      Me:Tuuu bad,gutta go
      Me:Gud day

      I was wtf but laughed my ass off big time
      So i was like yaall go and fuk yourself
      A guy said:"Duy is basically a girl"
      Every single person laughed
      I was like whoa and its late so just leave

      I came home and this is the 1st time I walked to my parents bed and tried to cround in between them
      I woke up with a picture on the freezer said you still look cute like a baby

    11. Nghệt
      I guess I need to go to bed now because I was home at like 3 yesterday + decided to sleep my ass off
      I guarantee my story will crack you up XD
    12. Nghệt
      I heard the weather is really hot
      And mand talk about humid :(
    13. Nghệt
      Have to be ok if I'm gonna stay at his house next year
      He n his brother are running some errands for their dad in Houston so they pay us a visit
      The only problem is the last time I tried his home made tortilla,I can not hide the *need restroom* expression
      They also invited for a trip to Florida but I need to check the roll since I'm missing tooo much school recently and dont wanna spend the last few days of school in ISS or SAC

      So I'm gonna come back in like 16 Jun,give me your phone number
      I'll hit you as soon as I land and we gonna hang out for the rest of the day,can go to some bar too XD
      Yesterday,the most hilarious thing happened to me also loooool hard
    14. Nghệt
      Guess what I'm gonna do tomorrow
      Attend dinner made by Ryan :))
    15. dor1993
      23/5 6h tối quán Ngô đồng pháo Đài Láng, mọi người có mặt đầy đủ :D

      ký thay thư ký 2 quả cà, chủ tịch hội : tieulykzc
    16. Nghệt
      Your back now ?
    17. Nghệt
      Should I hit you with a phone call now ?
      My plan for the day has been busted and also feeling like crap >_>
      K actually I'm not feeling like crap but I wanna be a biatch '3'
    18. Nghệt
      You made like 2 basic errors ?
    19. Nghệt
      And now you dont reply my forum posts
      Side note:The f with your English ?
    20. Nghệt
      Told ya we girl like to play hard to get
      I feel really good being mean to Ryan while he's trying to talk to me lol
      May be she did stayed at the douche's place,just wait until I run over him with my FJ cruiser ):
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