Hurt,Die or ...?
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Hurt,Die or ...?

Phó quản lĩnh, đến từ The Breeze of November

Hurt,Die or ...? được nhìn thấy lần cuối:
    1. thaovy_1995
      Ơ mình chậm chân rồi =((
      Chúc mừng sinh nhật sis nha^^,hôm nào sis mới rảnh đây,quà để ở nhà 2 tháng rồi _ _"
    2. satthuphancung
    3. SalemSaberhagens
      Have a nice Women's day :)).All your wishes maybe come true one day ;))
    4. Shin Akuma
      Shin Akuma
      ... admit my words as kindly comforts :)? So have U ever read them roughly? If yes, I happy 'cause my words can do that ^^ If no, it made a nice dialogue at least :)
    5. Nghệt
      Yup study,sleep only 4 hour a day :((
    6. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      Because of your study ?. Gladly I'm not like you, I'm busy with my stuffs more than my study. :))
    7. Nghệt
      How r u recnetly friend ??? I'm totaly exhausted :((
    8. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      I have my own reason for hating summer. Anyway, thank you. I shall admit your words as kindly comforts, sorta things.

      New arts, not really new, though.

      -> Illust for novel.

      The gate of Chaste Throne, I miss that place, what an irony.

      The weather is cool and wet today, not like summer or autumn, they merged perfectly into a bunch of dark clouds and uncertain rains. Sweet. The colour reminds me a lot of thíng, which is absolutely nostalgic and sarcastic, not to me, though.
    9. Shin Akuma
      Shin Akuma
      About summer, I guess when U try to read something from a Japanese author called Mahoko Yoshimito, maybe U won't hate the summer anymore, maybe not. Somehow even you gonna like summer that doesn't mean you hate winter or sth similar.
    10. Shin Akuma
      Shin Akuma
    11. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      Winter, inevitably. Winter is brilliant and magnificent !!( Even though we got no holidays in winter !! TT ^ TT)
    12. Shin Akuma
      Shin Akuma
    13. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      New school year!!!

      This is to-tal-ly exhausting!! High facilities with new classroom fully-equipped with almost everything, yes so proud. THEN F*CK THE POWER CUT !!!!Everything is *beep* OFF !!! No air-conditioners, no computers, no projectors and NO EVEN LIGHTS OR FAN!!!IT WAS HOT LIKE HELL AND CROWDED LIKE A JUNK-YARD!!! >< I HATE...NO, I CURSE SCHOOL!!!

      And the most shameful thing is my completely blank head after the yasumi. =))
    14. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      smelling no interest in this popular kind of forum's membs blog ...

      shoulda change da theme . this one is not really nice at all

      This theme suits me, with dark green, dark blue, gray, cherry-brandy and black are all my primary colours. (Ask those who've met me for more details, xD)

      Popular ? Yes, since this is a forum, and member' blog is somehow akin to a personal forum where talks between people who have the same interests at something place. Just dropping by and maybe leaving a comment if you care, which'd be my great pleasure,

      I'm trying to be polite to my very dear rude guest. See ? My style is not that popular. xD

      (And not anyone has his own drawings and poems to show up...=)))
    15. MANHUNT_Master
      smelling no interest in this popular kind of forum's membs blog ...

      shoulda change da theme . this one is not really nice at all
    16. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      I'm not as busy as you, at least until now. Take care my friend. Your health is not so good I suppose. Spare time to rest please. I'm kinda worried for you. ::(

      French class again tomorrow, omg, I wish if France would be taken by English-speaking countries. T________T

      Viva anglais !!! TT ^ TT
    17. moley
      My older sister is studying French too. You seem to dislike French... I guess. I think French is (somehow) similar to Emglish.... kinda...
    18. moley
      Big hug to you, too, my friend. I've been too busy, I didn't even have time to draw. +__+

      Anyway, it's great to be online and meet all of my friends again. ^^ Nice to see you again. Too bad that I have to go to school tomorrow so I can't stay up late today. =((
    19. Hurt,Die or ...?
      Hurt,Die or ...?
      Méthode de français

      Unité 1

      leçon 1

      Je m'appelle CatNoir. Et vous ? :x:x

      I hate French. Je suis English-lover. =))
    20. Nghệt
      Hôm nay 2 chị em làm j` đấy có vui ko kể Nghet nghe nào
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