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Youtube Master Race

kim09 được nhìn thấy lần cuối:
    1. censy
      Hey kim, I've been wondering why you haven't come back and have a small talk with us. We really miss you you know :D
    2. miusatthu
    3. Cigar
      Kim left gamevn forever? I feel horrible
    4. Cigar
      Hi kim, how are you??
      Can't wait for michi's message... hope that you will come here as soon as you can...
    5. Cigar
      What's wrong? Seem like michi don't like the talk with me anymore, I feel horible T.T
    6. Babycrazy
      I want to know...

      Woa....michiru có nuôi chó huh?....I want it :((
    7. Cigar
      Well, michi, sometimes there is some event that makes people sad, but it even make him become stronger, believe me.. this is the 1st time I have to decide something important, may be I will sucess or fail but I am so proud that I have the power to decide, not lean in someone else.
      The Full Mmoon is beautiful but in some case, it become so pale... based on your mood, if michi feel happy, I think it's so great to see the Full Moon, look like the big cake, isn't it?
    8. Babycrazy
      Why???tell me about your school....

      Yeah, shin muốn nuoi thú vật :D.......
    9. Cigar
      You always get up early like that? It's the very good habbit ^^
      After reply you the last message, I feel sad a little.... and I think I will express my feeling to the song named : "Branbal, the village without soul" the song is so short, but it was the most sorrow song that still in my head now, I don't know why but the sad melody haunt my head for 3 nights, when I stand alone in where I will never come again, never meet anyone there again...Do you know that the last night is a Full Moon night?
      What can I describe my feeling about your avatar.... so pure, and full of energy to live , I am sure that if Michi always smile like that girl, she will have the endless energy to pass everything, keep your avatar , it can help you a lot^^
    10. Made.In.Heaven
      Ohohoho... I'm not "man". I'm "demon". >:)

      And unusual writing style is unusual isn't it? xD
    11. Cigar
      Thanks for your kindness, michi .... You know sometimes people must do some decision, may be it just the betting on his fate but he must do ... I don't like to change something in the past, but now I think, it's time to change, and I must pass the fearness, and if something bad happen, I must accept that, it's better that keep imprison myself in the borỉng situation forever.... and morever, it's the chance for me to reveal myself.
      Sorry about the unclearly words that I have above, I'm so fine now. And I am so happy, because michi always remember me whenever she come to gamevn, keep doing your hobby, I can see that you have various of good hobbies, it's the pleasure to have someone like you in the house, your parents should be proud about you, although you are living in Japan but I have the feeling that you was insprired by your Vietnamese mother a lot, good on you ^^
      Thank you and take care...
    12. Babycrazy
      Babycrazy you are student......Vậy michiru học trường gì??

      Uhu..avatar...:D....dạo này shin muốn nuôi chó và mèo :D....
    13. Made.In.Heaven
      That. is. correct. xDDDDDD (and don't call me -san... ) (-kun is better IMO xD)
    14. Made.In.Heaven
      ...And that person be me xD
    15. Aleph
      I guess because they don't use *...* in GVN. ^^

      And of course this is my account. It's a "clone", an "alternative" ^^, something to use in case my main got screwed up xD
    16. Aleph
      "rawr = the cool way to say "roar"" - UrbanDictionary


      Sooooooo........ mind if I become your friend? ^_^ ... I mean my "real" account. This one is just a clone I made... just in case, y'know,...
    17. Aleph
      *rawr* >:3
    18. Babycrazy
      Yeah im 17 :D......

      how are u ???.....

      Ok see you late...
    19. Cigar
      Well little girl, this video is full of blood... not good for our minds, haha, well... that's cruel life in that age from Japan, the age that made people must kill anothers to survive, and the strength of the spirit based on how many people she killed, but back to the present, I don't like that type of strength, when we believe in ourselves, that's how we gain the strong heart, I don't want the strength to eliminate my enemy (but I still need a bit ^^)
      Someone said that : When we use the knive to stab someone, becareful because someday it will stab ourselves, just like the girl in your movie, each moment she kill, each fragment of heart she lost.She must strong to do her works, but so bad her works made her become weaker.
      One more thing, animes, mangas or movies... almost from the mind of the producer 1st, and because the imagination has no limit, so sometimes the scene in the film is not suit with the reality ^^
    20. Babycrazy
      Yeah....high year i will be student :>
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