Stuffed Frog
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Stuffed Frog


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    1. Stuffed Frog
      Stuffed Frog
      I lost my fish :-<
    2. mia1905
      mình làm quen nha :) dc thì add friend
    3. Bel
      pornography, it shouldn't be banned in 4rum :((
      how unlucky am I...
    4. Jade
      Chào bạn, mình đang lập team đua xe ở trường đua mini, bạn có thể cho mình mượn nick GVN này ko, mình hứa chỉ dùng đua chứ ko post bài, edit pro5, ko war, ko spam, ko quăng bom, nếu đc thì bạn send tin nhắn vào hộp thư cho mình nhé

      Tiện thể nếu bạn có hứng với game thể thao, mong bạn gia nhập box

      Và tham gia quay tay 4rum ;)
    5. _MT_
      thanks for informing me of such a fact. Hope to see u there too
    6. _MT_
      seems like i ve held my hope high for nothing. but there s still one more test go through, no time to be pessimistic,haha... i'll definitely get the first prize. Let us try our best
    7. _MT_
      DO u study in LHP? Does it happen by any chane that u were that boy whose skin was a little tan? I'm the gray-haired boy,pretty easy to find in the crowd ,huh :)) Nah, the essays were good but i don't think that could make any change cause the writting part only 10 point or so
    8. _MT_
      Your school?.... well, i don't think anyone of my team would make it .... And u don't have to worry cause i didnt get that right either, i wrote panickingly haha... could have made some other mistakes also.... but i'm pretty confident with my essays
    9. _MT_
      well, if there are only six people chosen , i couldn't care less about the result haha... ex-prisoner... that was a tricky one... they even got LHP students. i heard one of them put "post-prisoner" in the blank
    10. _MT_
      that sounds harsh huh....yeah, the next exam will be an easier one but the result will still depends greatly on the teach who ll mark your paper... Last year, bad luck bestowed on me X_X
    11. _MT_
      and i was thinking that the results were out already :)) actually, i am holding some hopes that i ll be one of those 16 people....still i ve got a question to ask... They did say there would be 8 people chosen at most, didn't they?
    12. _MT_
      well. if it was me, my teach would call me already so... i guess you know the rest. The tests were not actually that hard but maybe they did it better than me, haha
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