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    Changelogs :

    If you need any help installing your patch you can get this at the Online Manual and Help Centre. As well as the whole manual, you’ll also find a FAQ section, tutorial videos, information on how to set up network games and game guides written by FM players for FM players!
    The full fix list is as follows:
    Football Manager 2010 v10.3.0
    Crash Fixes
    - Fixed crash when clicking on the backroom advice button.
    - Fixed issue causing runtime error in network games
    - Players who say they are willing to leave the club to help with the clubs debts no longer get upset if you transfer list or offer them out.
    - Fixed scouts completing their nation assignments too early for small reputation clubs.
    - Adjusted generation of names for Croatian newgens with second nationalities.
    - Fixed older newgens in some cases getting youth contracts instead of regular contracts.
    - Playing for a clubs A and B teams now does not count as having already played for 2 clubs in a season when joining a new team.
    - Past meetings tables are now sorted by goal difference and goals for after points.
    - National team facts information panel now only uses first team players.
    - Adjusted changes in very low average attendances
    - Fixed newgen name issues where some African newgens for example were getting English names because of their birth city language being English.
    - Players no longer get unhappy about the clubs league position until after a reasonable amount of games have been played.
    - Fixed bug where a person loses a language skill when changing from a player to a staff member.
    - Stopped inappropriate manager to manager comments been available on Brazilian State league games.
    - Adjusted newgen attribute creation and development
    - Adjusted Danish cup attendances
    - Players don’t get called up to Olympic qualifiers if they have important club matches.
    - Automatic rejection of other national job offers if offered multiple jobs. When you accept an offer it auto-rejects the other jobs just like it does with club management.
    - Adjusted Turkish Super Cup attendances
    - Adjusted Bulgarian attendances in continental matches
    - Adjusted attribute progression
    - Adjusted newgen PA levels
    - Adjusted conversion of negative PA values
    - Stopped players constantly feeling under media pressure.
    - Cancelled friendlies now don’t cause entire tours to be cancelled.
    - User achievements screen now displays the date left after the user has resigned from a national youth team job.
    - Stopped user been able to interact with players who are away on loan.
    - Stopped two player happiness contradictions, wanting a new challenge/agreed a future move and also wanting to stay at the club.
    - Improved the selection of players parent teams send to their affiliates.
    - Fixed shots off target in quick matches sometimes being displayed as a negative number.
    - Increased the number of strikers selected in U20 World Cup squads.
    - Fixed German First Division games being refereed by lower division refs (requires new game).
    - Improved international squad selections.
    - Stopped unavailable players playing matches in inactive leagues.
    - Stopped player conditions dropping so much in the quick match engine.
    - Removed some pre-game histories that were being retained when playing with fake players (requires new game).
    - Removed inconsistency in a players decision to try to learn a new preferred move or not.
    - Stopped staff members joining much smaller teams for a minor job promotion (Steve Gatting etc.)
    - Fixed an issue that could stop a human getting an international job when he is the best candidate.
    - Made some improvements to Best Eleven selections.
    - Fixed an issue whereby a scout was hired but couldn't perform scouting duties, mainly affects long term games.
    - Stopped duplicate news item appearing for human manager’s former team when appointing a new manager.
    - Removed Chelsea transfer embargo.
    - Fixed an issue whereby a player could become unregistered if user went on holiday over the registration deadline.
    - Got the board to take into consideration the time left on a player’s contract when deciding to veto a free transfer.
    - Fixed an issue whereby the board would state you can scout a region, but the option never appears for that region on the assignments dialogue.
    - Fixed incorrect contract rejection reason when a coach rejects a contract due to basic wage.
    - Fixed an issue whereby a human manager was prevented from accepting a management position at an amateur club upon the first time of asking.
    - Fixed an issue where the incorrect match sequence milestone could be displayed pre-match for the away team.
    - When a player complains in the media the unhappiness isn't removed until they have responded to the manager’s response.
    - Adjusted wage and contract length demands of players with long term injuries
    - Adjusted English manager wages
    - Adjusted Brazilian sponsorships
    - Adjusted Uruguay wages
    - Adjusted English non-league finances
    - Updated Brazil top level ticket prices.
    - Stopped Chairman investing in club when not required.
    - Fixed Swiss youth wages being too high.
    - Adjusted Swiss finances.
    - Fixed Finland wages rising too high.
    - Adjusted Danish wage budgets.
    - Adjusted French finances.
    - Adjusted Spanish B division Wages
    - Fixed backend sugar daddy budgets.
    - Adjusted Greek finances
    - Adjusted South Korea finances
    - Fixed Singapore, Israel wages bug causing low end wages being calculated incorrectly.
    - Adjusted Dutch wages.
    - Adjusted MLS staff wages.
    - Fixed issue where calendar bar was not cleared down after choosing to start a New Game from within another game.
    - Fixed problem where the quick flicks did not work when on a managers search screen.
    - Fixed issue where the view of the finances screen was not remembered when going back to it.
    - Fixed text problem in the Latest Scores when button would change between wrapping to two lines and not wrapping when the button was clicked.
    - Made it possible to remove the picture from an old manager profile when adding a new manager.
    - Made sure the training sections are available for at least one of the reserve or youth squads.
    - The match rules button now gets updated correctly when returning to the arrange friendly screen.
    - When managing both a nation and a club the shortlist shortcut will now take you to the personal shortlist and not the national pool.
    - Mac menu bar gets updated when the language is changed.
    - Ensure we display release clauses which have been activated on person's contract section of the profile.
    - Allowed sorting of player media history comments.
    - Added Composure and Concentration to show up in the Shooting and Defending training categories when filtering for attribute history in the training section of the player profile.
    - Fixed bug that allowed user to alter buy back fee on a non-negotiable offer.
    - Fixed bug where "Address Me As..." would be empty when there were no existing user profiles on add manager screen.
    - Recently Viewed Teams is now correctly labelled as Recently Managed Teams on add manager screen.
    - Tooltip for show next fixture button now correctly states "the next fixture", rather than "your next fixture".
    - Added missing links to interested clubs and clubs that have made an offer for a non player on the non player's transfer panel.
    - Fixed problem which would sometimes cause the filters in the notebook to include notes that should have been filtered out.
    - Fixed problem where third place play off finals would not appear in tree menu despite being selected.
    - Added nation flags to teams waiting to be drawn into competition groups.
    - Fixed issue where radar player icons sometimes disappear in full match view.
    - Fixed an issue with setting an anchorman role using the quick tactic roles dialog on the match screen.
    - Made sure the selection rectangle around the tactics pitch is always drawn properly.
    - Fixed the positioning of the forward run arrows on the tactics pitch.
    - Fixed issue on the preferences screen which caused it to ask if changes should be discarded when no changes had been made.
    - Fixed the sorting of the squad status column on the player search screen.
    - It is no longer possible to select the fixtures on the match preview screen, selecting a different fixture did nothing so it was just confusing that selection was possible.
    - Added card and injury icons to the quick substitution dialog.
    - The filter used on the UEFA coefficients screen is now remembered when returning to the screen.
    - Club & competition logos are now shown on the news screen when player and staff pictures have been disabled.
    - Fixed a problem on the confidence screen which in some cases could cause the wrong section to open.
    - The filter rules are now always enabled when using the attributes dialog to add filter rules.
    - Fixed problem that made it impossible to go back to the extended leave screen after viewing a player profile.
    - Runs past opponent in match analysis now shown with arrows rather than just dots
    - Fixed the links in notes saved from a news item.
    - Made sure the league position is only shown in the upcoming fixture panel if the fixture is actually a league match.
    - Fixed finances panel not refreshing until you continue.
    - Fixed default signing on fee being set to 0 when transfer budgets have been disabled in the first window.
    - 'Reject All Offers of a Lower or Equivalent Value' now does include equivalent values.
    - Stopped player stating his desire to join loan club when returning from loan, when already agreed future transfer.
    - Code no longer appears in the media history when a player has commented that they "can't settle in the area".
    - Fixed cup round-up news item implying team is through to the final of a competition before the second leg of semi-final has been played.
    - Fixed post match fans news item mentioning 'FA reaction' when there's no reason to do so.
    - Ensured that co-ownership deals are correctly tallied in 'player unsure about price tag' news item.
    - Ensure less experienced players don't talk to the media about more senior players when it isn't appropriate.
    - Media now takes into account slightly lesser competitions when reporting success.
    - Fixed news item stating that a bid was rejected due to your bad relationship with selling team's manager when this wasn't the reason.
    - Stopped a duplicate message(s) been sent about clubs in the nation releasing players.
    - News is only sent when a player is disappointed about been injured/suspended for important games e.g. cup finals, rather than just the next round of the cup.
    - Stopped players getting upset if you leave them out of the squad for the Club World Championship.
    - Stopped options to tell a player you what to match a players ambitions when at a successful club.
    - Fixed unemployed manager getting job and news item suggests he has left his old club to join this new one.
    - Fixed instances of two goals being reported as a hat-trick in match report.
    - Fixed international youth team reported as having been knocked out of competition despite just qualifying via play-offs.
    - Fixed late equaliser described in post-match conference news item as "late winner".
    - Player no longer gets upset about missing an important game if they are ineligible to play in that competition.
    - When a player signs and states they are looking forward to learning from their idol, the player will always agree to been tutored by them.
    - Corrected the headline when sending a player out on loan when it said he was unimpressed but the rest of the news read that he was happy.
    - Fixed rare situation when the board would not respond to a request for a new feeder team.
    - You can now appeal red cards for players you have in on loan.
    - Stopped first option being available when bidding on co-owned players.
    - Stopped news items describing players as transfer listed at the club they are on loan to.
    - Stopped England U21's being referred to as "of lowly stature" when progressing through the European U21 Championships.
    - Stopped random messages about players learning preferred moves coming up when they have already learnt it before.
    - Fixed news item stating a player/coach signs a contract until 1900.
    - Personal assistant should also suggest subscription updates when you resign.
    - Fixed biography saying player name should be familiar to fans in country when he's only just arrived in that country.
    - Fixed biography claims player who has played 135 times in Scotland, but only 20 in England is "more familiar to football fans in England than Scotland"
    Backroom Advice
    - Staff no long recommend players/staff signings that they would not have knowledge of.
    - No longer advised to withdraw transfer bids for deals that are been done by the B team.
    - The wording of the advice in the first backroom advice meeting is now correct if you takeover a club with no staff once you've signed a suitable staff member.
    - Increased the amount of scouting suggestions advice.
    - Backroom advice news item buttons are displayed correctly if a player/assistant manager is in the reserve team.
    - Stopped staff repeatedly recommending the same staff additions in each meeting.
    - Staff will no longer suggest taking a player off the transfer list if a future transfer as already been arranged.
    - Staff no longer recommends transfer listing long serving old players near the end of their contracts.
    - When you receive an urgent message and go to the backroom advice screen via the button the advice is displayed in the meeting.
    - No longer receive scouting recommendations for players already been scouted.
    - Fixed slow down when going to the backroom advice screen when lots of players required facegen pictures.
    - Facegen picture removed from Backroom Advice entries for newgens.
    - Improved praising form suggestion advice.
    - Pre-season meeting team comparison advice now uses the correct teams if the promotion and relegation hasn't already been updated.
    - Game now stops processing for pre-season meeting.
    - No longer get tutoring advice recommending the same player to tutor different players in the same meeting.
    - Best youth players advice no longer mentions older players if they have been placed in the youth teams.
    - Fixed being able to recall players from loan when outside of transfer window, if short-term loan.
    - When making an offer to loan a player the loan options now use the options set in the teams settings by default e.g. can play in cup matches.
    - Prevented some clubs from making bids for players when they don’t have enough transfer funds to secure the player.
    - Encouraged lower division teams to be more active in recruiting goalkeepers.
    - Encouraged lower division teams to be more active in the short term loan market.
    - Prevented some players from dropping down too many divisions when going out on loan.
    - Tightened up decision making on foreign transfers for clubs that have to abide by foreign player restrictions.
    - Removed Basque transfer restrictions for all Basque clubs except for Bilbao and its sub teams.
    - Prevented AI clubs from bidding too much for older players when offered out to clubs.
    - Stopped duplicate offers from same club after stalling an offer after several other offers had been accepted.
    - Fixed an issue where a loan renewal was rejected by the player but upon completion of the loan the player would then accept a new loan deal.
    - Got eastern European teams to acknowledge the starting 11 foreign restrictions when targeting players.
    - Fixed an issue where AI teams would not acknowledge a significant after 1 appearance clause when responding to an offered out player.
    - Added a 'Monitoring' section to the players profile to help distinguish what clubs are seriously interested in a player or just have a passing interest.
    - Tried to encourage more domestic based signings for non-elite teams.
    - Can now edit nationalities for award history entries.
    - Can now duplicate people in the editor.
    - Fixed issue with teams from the same group playing each other in the second round of the U20 World Cup.
    - Fixed team(s) being described as being newly-promoted when they have been in the same division for the previous couple of seasons.
    - Updated Premier Division schedule.
    - Fixed wrong number of matches in Belarusian Highest Division.
    - Belgian leagues re-organisation due to Mouscron going bankrupt.
    - Fixed bug where Brazilian Cup winner didn't qualify for the Libertadores group stage if a Brazilian team won the Libertadores the previous year.
    - Teams are now relegated properly from the Brazilian Santa Catarina state championship.
    - Brazilian Gaúcho State Championship TV money update.
    - Added 10 point deduction for Crystal Palace.
    - Implemented changes to Finnish Cup for 2010 season.
    - Players which have played in the Finnish Cup competition for one team now cup tied if playing for another team still in the competition.
    - Teams only play other German teams in the mid-season break.
    - Added winter break for league competitions.
    - Added "At least two Hungarian U21 players have to be on the pitch during Hungarian Second Division match" rule
    - National Division side Ahva Araba deducted 2 points.
    - Fixed Serie C1/A and C1/B incorrect mid-week fixture scheduling.
    - Fixed duplicate history entry for Norwegian Super Cup when starting in 2009.
    - Fixed wrong Russian Super Cup foreigner limit for season 2010 and beyond.
    - Updated Romanian Cup schedule.
    - Number of subs in Swedish competitions updated for 2010 season and onwards.
    - League and Cup Schedule Updates.
    - Turkish Cup schedule updated.
    - Updated Turkish League TV and Prize Money.
    United States
    - Now able to offer up to $350,000 p/a when approaching to loan a player.
    - MLS Developmental contract filter now displays all developmental players correctly.
    - New season fixture announcement news item is now sent for MLS teams.
    - Contract offers no longer default to $56,000 on the contract offer screen.
    - When offering a player out for a Designated Player slot the transferred slot now has a valid expiry date.
    - MLS schedule is described correctly on the competition rules screen.
    - Players from the starting database who have previously been in a draft no longer are selected for the Superdraft.
    - Young players from the starting database who have previously been in a draft can now be signed by MLS teams.
    - Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong teams would qualify for the SuperLiga.
    - Improved which players are selected to go into the Superdraft.
    - Increased the number of player exchange deals.
    - Better AI management of squad sizes.
    - User now forced to register new signings on the transfer completed news item.
    - User forced to update their squad numbers when a player returns from injury or loan.
    -Uruguayan clubs are allowed a maximum of 6 foreign players.
    Match Engine Changes
    Match v823
    - Narrowed defence in last third especially when ball central
    - Reduced instances of central defenders getting dragged apart
    - Reduced instances of central defenders getting pulled to ball outside area when team mates better placed
    - D-line position change from v821 toned down slightly
    - Fixed keepers having unrealistic reach at point blank range
    - Keeper more willing to offer backpass to team mate chasing back to intercept ball in own half
    - Slight reduction on delay in reactions by keeper who has dropped ball
    - Tweaked v822 fix for keepers sweeping up through balls to make sure they don’t e.g. come and head clear a ball they could actually control
    - Fixed AI teams picking Trequartista in same XI as playmaker
    - Reduced likelihood of lone striker in AI team being used as Trequartista
    - Made players with high workrate and stamina less likely to be used by AI teams as Trequartista
    - Fixed players being delayed unrealistically after someone attempts a step tackle on them
    - Fixed occasional bug causing player not to challenge for header he had moved for
    - Increased negative effect of lots of new players at once playing in a team
    - Made ball player less likely to dribble when faced with opponent and near own d-line
    - Small tweaks to shot, pass, cross and header accuracy
    - Allowed more backpasses to keeper or short passes to get out of trouble in defensive areas
    - Fixed bug causing some needless passes to offside players
    - Reduced unrealistic attempts at difficult passes direct from freekicks
    - Reduced number of speculative and overambitious through balls
    - Fixed some lofted kicks being a little slower than player intended
    - Ensured big games such as Champions League quarters, semis are recognised as such by the players involved
    - Made sure players are never too under motivated in really big games regardless of situation
    Match v824
    - Made keepers try to anticipate penalty direction better
    - Reduced further the reach of keepers when ball comes at them at close range
    - Made it harder to direct headers under severe pressure/challenge, and/or when really stretching to reach ball height
    - Reduced instances of players heading ball when they have time to bring it down and control it
    - Further improved decision making of player when clear on goal
    - Slight tweak to general choice of shot type
    - Reduced effect of long shots instruction or PPM in certain positions
    - Fixed corners rarely being sent to edge of area when instructions are set to do that
    - Tweaked v823 fix regarding speed of lofted kicks
    - Slight increase in dribbling speeds over smaller distances
    - Fixed players appearing to "scoop" ball forwards slightly when running at pace with it
    - Made defenders a bit quicker to correct lateral position when defending
    - Improved running line of defenders who need to cover ground to engage ball player
    - Reduced occasional positioning flaws when trying to show ball player onto a certain foot
    - Fixed rare issue with defenders leaving cross to go out and allowing attackers to head ball unchallenged
    - Fixed a couple of issues that could cause players not to challenge for ball they had gone for
    - Tried to reduce instances of unrealistic closing down of ball player by defenders
    - Fixed player who is set to mark tall player following that player outside the area when defending a corner or free kick
    - Improved reactions of attacking team to saves and rebounds
    - Made players come deep to find space rather than look for it behind opposition D-line when their instructions and PPMs are better suited to that
    - Fixed player set to "challenge keeper" at corners actively looking to move away and towards ball instead
    - Reduced the worst player motivation drops when team is well ahead in match it should win
    - Limited motivation drops in big matches
    - Tweaked player match ratings
    - Reduced effect of fatigue upon physical abilities apart from pace and acceleration
    - Fixed some possible cases of players walking through the side of the dugout
    - Made physios go around the back of the goal when returning to the bench from the far side of the pitch
    Match v825
    - Improved AI when looking for potential through balls
    - Small tweak to simple pass to feet accuracy
    - Made players use first time passes and shots less frequently unless clearly the obvious thing to do
    - Reduced number of illogical long shots generally
    - Sanity check on unrealistically hard kicks e.g. shots from very long distance
    - Tried to encourage players to cross a little more readily in obvious situations
    - Fixed rare occurrences of defenders who are right on own goal line clearing ball into own goal instead of away from it
    - Slightly toned down speed of Rory Delap style bullet throw
    - Fixed bug where team doesn’t give ball back to opponents who kicked it out due to an injury
    - Made defenders shift laterally a little more intelligently as play switched
    - Fixed some defenders being default positioned in no mans land when facing a cross situation
    - Try to further reduce needless double marking of ball player especially by centre halves
    - Tweak to defending player choice of player to mark in own area
    - Fixed bug where defender can be marking player and then switches off as pass made to that player before resuming marking him
    - Fixed code anomaly in the way keeper saves are dealt with at point blank range
    - Small tweak on keeper anticipation of penalty direction
    - Fixed bug where keeper could take throw occasionally in opponent's half
    - Slight reduction on effect of goals upon individual match player ratings
    - Adjustments to post match effect upon reputation, namely a major flaw fixed for FML matches and a minor one for FM matches.
    Match v826
    - Adjusted goalkeeper pathfinding around the side of the net
    Match v827
    - Small tweak to AI manager's expectation of result
    - Implemented use of AI manager dirtiness allowance attribute on tackling style
    - Made AI managers with lower passing directness bias towards "control" strategy over "attacking" strategy
    - Made AI managers with lower passing directness more likely to use "retain possession" and "look for overlap" touchline instructions
    - Made full backs keep closer eye on opposing winger when play central or on their side
    - Made team with ball shift position better when ball moves laterally
    - Small improvement to player reaction time to pass or shot being made
    - Encouraged smart use of first touch control over first time pass/shot where applicable
    - Improved choice of run with ball direction when on wing according to instruction and/or strongest foot
    - Reduce number of long shots from players with "LOOKS_FOR_PASS_NOT_SHOT" PPM
    - Aimed crosses, corners and indirect free kicks from wide a couple of yards further away from goal
    - Fixed short pass back to throw in taker being discouraged
    - Reduced number of risky low benefit passes
    - Reduce number of aimless clearances when not very close to own goal
    - Removed cross from by-line instruction from INSIDE_FORWARD role
    - Removed try longshots often instruction from ADVANCED_PLAYMAKER role
    - Dampened ball rebound velocity from ad hoardings
    - Fixed offside’s being called on player who was offside on an earlier pass than one played to him
    Match v828
    - Tweaked effect of consistency very slightly
    - Improved positioning at attacking free kicks from deeper wide areas
    - Fixed bug causing central defenders to cover full back positions prematurely
    - Fixed player going for loose ball, getting there after opponent and then illogically passing opponent off to team mate
    - Made defenders come out from centre to engage wide player when obviously required
    - Improved player recognition of having a clear run towards goal
    - Small tweak to shot, header and pass accuracy
    - Improved use of header across area when too narrow angle to go for goal
    - Reduced number of unnecessary risky passes slightly
    Match v829
    - Small tweak to positioning of defenders that was supposed to have been in v827 but wasn’t
    - Encouraged teams with narrow formations to get full backs overlapping
    - Tweaked "when to cross" AI
    - Increased accuracy of corners and whipped in free kicks slightly
    - Stopped attacking players rushing the 6 yard box before ball played in
    - Improved willingness to run with ball when under no pressure
    - Fixed attackers standing still in bad positions to avoid moving offside
    - Fixed player going to mark opponent when team mate already moving to intercept pass
    - Reduced instances of quality players making unrealistic panicky decisions in own half
    Match v830
    - Fixed FML pkms not loading into FM viewer
    Match v831
    - Improved attacking movement when ball played in from wide set piece (not corners)
    - Tried to improve keeper starting position and general movement when defending a corner or wide free kick
    - Get teams to use overlap shout against narrow formations when not playing too defensively
    - Tweaked effect of blend, morale and consistency on match performance
    - Tried to get cultured players to knock the ball around a bit more
    - Fixed rare bug where keeper wont save shot really close to his body
    - Improved decision making for players when in last third and running with ball in a wide area including cross choice
    - Fixed tall players marking opponents outside of own area when defending a corner
    - Fixed bug where player can move right back into own area for no apparent reason after his keeper has picked up the ball
    - Stopped wide players moving into channels when they should already be in them
    - Reduced short bobbly passes
    - Reduced instances of bizarre "Mr Fifty Pence-Head" headers in own area
    Match v832
    - Tweaked AI choice of tactics strategy...less use of contain and defensive when unnecessary
    - Got AI to use "Hassle Opponents" shout when they want to stop defensive minded opposition knocking ball around the back
    - Made man marking and high closing down settings ( as in Hassle Opponents ) work more definitively in tandem
    - Reduced effect of 831 change that got too many average players trying to knock the ball around more
    - Increased likelihood of crosses being attempted and also made attackers get a little closer to the six yard box in anticipation
    - Tried to reduce number of overly risky passes that have little benefit
    Match v833
    - Implemented better zonal marking at corners and free kicks near corner to try to reduce exploits
    - Improved defender reaction slightly to corners and similar balls into area
    - Small tweak to accuracy of longer shots and passes
    - Made AI managers a little more ambitious still in terms of strategy
    - Slight tweak to match ratings of wide players
    Match v834
    - Fixed keeper holding starting position for too long after corner kick is taken
    - Fixed small flaw in 833 change regarding defender reaction to balls into area
    - Couple of small tweaks to crossing AI
    Match v835
    - AI less likely to leave 2 up when defending corner
    - AI use more zonal marking at corners
    - Fixed short goal kicks issue
    - Slight tweak to 834 crossing tweak
    - Slightly less speculative passes from superior players
    - Rebalanced stats slightly
    Match v836
    - Fine tuned pass risk balance
    - Slightly toned down long shots at lower levels
    - Made more deep lying strikers come short a little more
    - Improved indirect free kick destination point from wide areas
    - Very slightly boosted header accuracy
    Match v837
    - Slightly more likelihood of player lurking at edge of area at corner being man marked
    - Fixed dodgy 2 man wall at direct free kicks either side of penalty area D
    - Fine tuned ratings by position
    Match v838
    - Fixed corner exploit that utilised two players lurking outside area
    Match v839
    - Fixed specific corner marking not working on player lurking outside area
    - Fixed tactic creator leaving too many forward when defending a corner 
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    hà lội city
    mới mà update sao kịp quả đấy =))
  12. cm0102

    cm0102 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
    Dạo này ít người vào đâhoy quá nhỉ? Ko dc đông vui như hồi chơi CM08
  13. JackShephard

    JackShephard Youtube Master Race

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
    Thanks ! Đang kéo bản update về cày...
  14. [GVN] Chick

    [GVN] Chick Mario & Luigi

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    Nơi ở:
    [C]razy [W]orld
    Tính +rep mà không được, thank nhiều :)
  15. cm0102

    cm0102 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

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    Bài viết:
  16. kingasawa

    kingasawa Youtube Master Race

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
    link patch 10.3 die ròi , ai up link khác giùm đi hix hix
  17. cm0102

    cm0102 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
  18. arsenaler

    arsenaler T.E.T.Я.I.S

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
    Nơi ở:
    Emirates Stadium
  19. cm0102

    cm0102 Mr & Ms Pac-Man

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
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