Silent tears of the poet

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  1. *Inferno_Kami*

    *Inferno_Kami* Mario & Luigi

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    Field of Blades
    Hmmm...:p...Sweet topic!
    Well,but I fear that I can't make any good poem,so I just try once:pAnd yes,I just think this is what we call "Thơ con cóc"^^

    For my lover
    You've cried,you've been hurt
    Crying painfully-It must...
    You pretend you were having fun....
    But your eyes have told me the truth...

    Even if you close your eyes
    You can't stop falling crystals
    Just face it, no need to hide
    And let us fly to our skies...

    Sun'd rise on the next day
    Even if today you failed
    Believe,do not hesitate
    Remember,I always wait...

    Might I be worth enough
    To catch your racing heart?
    If you bear sorrow deeper than love
    Let me ease it with my pure heart...​
  2. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    @sis Cruel: well.... never mind :D, what happened already happened :D, I'm only enjoying the moment now. Hope somebody can drop by the old topic sometimes ^^

    Can you write a little piece or 2 for us, please ^^?

    @I-K: hey, I found some nice rhythm in yours :x, the last verse is simple but somehow very emotional.
    Keep up like this, I believe you have heart for poem I-K :star: :star:

    My 2nd:

    In Fire and Grief

    Darling, I always wish not to hear
    The sound of thunder, it brings me tears
    The silhouette of the night crowds
    What can it be, where are you now?

    Send me to hell if you are there
    Bring me far away from this despair
    Tears never dried on feather bed
    With our roses have faded its red

    Fire, arise from the lost horizon
    So far, yet it's crimson
    I don't know why my eyes close
    And my heart are about to fall

    Wish I were blind, to see no death
    Cries from afar, of widow deaf
    The bullet shot, to endless void
    I heard the fall, of who are close

    In fire and grief, darkness and pain
    I found your hand, my dearest man

    A flower for you, my beloved
    Even it can't bring you back to Earth
    A wish I save, for heaven to open
    Welcome you home, without dinner.
  3. Coldstream

    Coldstream C O N T R A

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    It looks like logean is too busy for now =))
    Well,I think I'll try to make a poem one more time:-*
    For now,I have no idea to make a romantic poem a second time ,so I think I'll make another poem
    Then It's number zero(One of the Eminem's rap)=))
    Number Zero
    One,two,three,four....Which number do you like best?
    With you,Zero is suitable and so great,yes....indeed!
    Multiple with million,you're still number zero,zero,zero.....
    Your life,your fate,It'll end up like a zero,Is not it so great?

    You're proud that you're human
    You handle knives to kill person
    Carry taser,and you think you're billion?
    Oh no!
    The god is not insane
    Zero is truth,just like oval,billion is just your imagination
    In life,you just can fear children
    In dream,you just can be servant
    Oh yeah!
    You life is just like a cotton
    But why,you think you're iron?
    How brilliant!
    Fire is in front of,prepare to get burned
    But why,you think you're ice dragon?
    Talking to me with rubbish language
    One more sentence,and you'll be fresh meat
    In the sandwich!
    Shut the fack up,or prepare to get kicked
    The nut or the d*ck!
    Enjoy the hell life,I'll give you some joss-paper credit
    With one tombstone and one coffin fit
    Don't worry,I'll take care for your facking sh*t!
    Your family,your friends,your facking girl....Oh sh*t!
    I'll take and then taste IT!
    Hey idiota!
    Just remember me
    As your daddy
    And don't worry
    All daddy love their sonny
    All daddy....
    ...Love their sonny​
    Well,It took me one afternoon with some coffee to make it
    I hope you guy like it,and Joker doesn't ban me again because of this =))
  4. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Well, quite... romantic ;))

    But for me your creation is quite ... different with other "poem" I read, no structure, the meaning ... I can't say that I understand quite well, seem to be about violence and hatred, corruption of men and the world, society ... full of anger and fierce. Over all, it's not my type of "poem" (maybe "rap" is a better and proper words) so I can't give any good critic or comment for it ^^....

    My latest creation:

    Don't go too far

    Can you hear what I say, though a whisper?
    Do you really listen to me, my sweet lover?
    Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking?
    Do you know that I'm not sad, but dying?

    Tenderly hold me, do you know that I'm cold?
    Day after day, my question is still unsolved
    For whom your eyes sparkle, like the stars?
    My darling, please stay with me, don't go too far

    Remember who stayed with you all night long
    When the fire and the light were all gone
    Remember how we survived the winter nights
    Did you know that I was always by your side?

    Was I the one who tasted the bitterness?
    Of your tears, my heart was never rested
    Was I the one who love so hopelessly?
    That day will it come, can I still believe?

    My everything, I gave to you with no regret
    So please don't ask me to forget, to forsake
    Winter will fall to prey on my lonely soul
    Through the night, love can no longer grow

    And I wasn't busy, just waiting ... and hoping...
  5. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    I hate cowardice, I loath myself


    What kind of feeling
    Could stop your heart from crying?
    And shine o' the everlasting light
    Of the white moon tonight

    Is it a word that so simple
    But beautiful like a marvelous marble
    Glows brightly to guide your soul
    To a new world where you never fall

    So strong the fire within you could feel
    Firm like a mountain, for someone you would shield
    The others would curse and despite
    Brave heart, the sacred sword they can never find

    It is time to find the answer
    To break down the senseless order
    What could be the reason for you to hide?
    It made your heart in pain and cried

    A little courage would not kill
    Death shall descend if you loose the will
    A little sincerity is the remedy
    Crying young heart, wake up for destiny​
  6. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    I'm walking to the end ...

    Dark Night Of Heaven

    To the time of flame, we fall
    Destined for this eternal war
    From the clouds, we descended
    For our fantasy was condemned

    We will be bathed in blood
    Of our friends and beloved
    Born in the dark night of heaven
    To witness the end of innocence

    This fight can end with all
    For the last child's soul was sold
    This blades mourn for, long for
    The virgin blood, to adore

    Children from nowhere, everywhere
    Finding their parents, it's not fair
    They are in nowhere, everywhere
    The wind that carries will not care

    Embrace the last burning rose
    Everlasting beauty is so close
    That we can die for, live for
    Thy death kiss, bless once more​
  7. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    My very first tragedy poems (inspired by R&J)

    Fantasy Tragedy

    A cold night of fantasy
    Asleep into my tragedy
    In our choking life story
    Embrace your last breath and me

    Poison bring us to paradise
    Torn apart but never die
    Storm and darkness are behind
    Finally we saw the light

    “Candles light and deadly venom
    The letter baptized in blood
    A smile on their face
    Is this what they were wishing for so long
    The eternity”

    Let they mourn their threnody
    We obsessed that melody
    Tears have fallen for memory
    “Farewell and be free”

    Hold my hand once again
    Under the moonlight we dance
    Forever our pain had ended
    Sing and dance until the end

    “In that night two were gone
    As it was written in this poem
    They were one soul in two body
    Their death didn’t mean tragedy
    For what they call it’s fantasy
    Forever it will remain in my memory"
  8. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Today is somewhat short :D

    Lost Star

    Let me walk through the winter
    To feel its delicate whisper
    Let me stain the virgin snow
    By my tears and filthy soul

    Let me stand in solitude tonight
    To find the lost star on the sky
    Let me cry all alone
    By your grave, my love still goes on​
  9. *Inferno_Kami*

    *Inferno_Kami* Mario & Luigi

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    Field of Blades
    Sorry for can't help you more than in other day,logean.I was too busy-_-"
    Ops:-s....Well,I thought I was making a "free poem":-s....Well,It can be rap somehow:-s...It is more funnier that just violence and hatred,I thought^^...
    Well,I have made one poem this morning^^.And I can't think what title will be^^?

    Forgetting about the past,leaving it as it is
    Buring the fear that haunted the kid inside me
    A new horizon is awaiting for us-vast and bright
    Wiping tear,standing up like a men should be

    Now,show our true color in our life
    No matter what kind.It's fine
    Even if someone think it's so dark
    We know,our soul is so bright

    Carefree,light as feather
    Live freely,just keep our deeper
    No matter what we do look like
    Depend not on anything.Let us fly higher

    Thanks god,he'll not help when we're hungry
    Because,he gave us a rod when we're lazy
    He might not give you many friends and lot of party
    But he'd give you best friend and longest spree

    If you think you're poor.Just change your mind
    We're lucky to have our own life
    If you whine your life is too depent,you hypocrite.
    Stand up yourself,and change your life style

    Thank to world,It might give you a bad thing's kind
    Thank to god,It might not give you a good life
    But they have given you enough talent and vitality
    For yourlife,to live on your own.Does it sound unfair,guy?​

    Actually,today I'm broke =)).....I paid about 500.000 VND yesterday=))
  10. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Poetry is art and entertainment for us, so we can only write it when we truly have time and feel relaxed, it's really hard to force ourselves to write u know, we have to diverse time for another things, just ... when the time is right, we can write a decent piece in that time ^^
    I'm just happy that there's one person like to write poem too, it's a real joy for me already and thanks for bringing me that joy ^^.

    My comment:
    Unexpectedly, your poem brighten up my day :x, ok it's somehow messy at the last stanza but this verse is so SIMPLE but DEEP INDEED !

    Somehow I don't recommend you use the "dot" in the middle of your sentence, it cut the flow

    try the comma or write it straight, I think it will be easier to ... feel ^^

    If I were you, I would not let another person to name my children but by myself :D
  11. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    For who had ever lost their friend

    Without you

    For the last time, I had you close
    But it's too late, this night still fall
    Give me your hand, my friend
    Its warmth can drift away this pain

    I used to live without suffer
    Now this way is getting darker
    I don't know what it can be
    I only wished you can be here with me

    Forgive me, for all the fights
    I didn't know what was in my mind
    Now I feel my heart is running slower
    I apologize, how can I wait later

    Don't you see, I'm losing both
    My friend and the one I love most
    Who want to win this fight of pain
    Is still alone in this bitter end

    Friend, help me to stop these tears
    Can see you no more, it's my fear
    Friend, can you hear the echo around
    Our wind mill's racked sound

    Please stay with me a little bit longer
    Before I wander to white land forever
    Without you​
  12. *Inferno_Kami*

    *Inferno_Kami* Mario & Luigi

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    Field of Blades
    Thanks for your comment,logean^^.Well,in other day,I don't have any idea or time to make a completing poem.Just a little,little bit...
    Ah yes,today is ,somehow, short....

    Well,sorry,logean,yesterday I'm little tired.I though I'll post It completely when I've completed
  13. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Ok, I will be waiting until it complete, however I do think you should check the grammars.
  14. ultima

    ultima Sith Lord Revan GVN Veteran

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    Where the hell is the poem topic we had :-/
    This one is from Crisis Core (for who doesn't know about it, plz google >.>)
    I just read them yesterday and find it interesting ^^

    Loveless - Prologue
    When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end
    The goddess descends from the sky

    Wings of light and dark spreads afar
    She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting

    Loveless Act I
    The gift of the goddess is what the three men seek
    But their fates are scattered by war

    One becomes a hero, one wanders the land
    And the last is taken prisoner

    But the three are still bound by a solemn oath
    To seek the answer together, once again

    Loveless Act II
    Though the prisoner escapes, he is gravely wounded
    His life is saved, however
    By a woman of the opposing nation

    He begins a life of a seclusion with her
    Which seems to hold the promise of eternal bliss

    But as happiness grows, so does guilt
    Of not fulfilling the oath to his friends

    Loveless Act III
    As the war sends the world hurtling towards destruction
    The prisoner departs with his newfound love
    And embarks on a new journey

    He is guided by hope that the gift will bring bliss
    And the oath that he swore to his friends

    Though no oath is shared between the lovers
    In their hearts they know they will meet again

    Loveless - Act IV

    My friend, the fates are cruel
    There are no dreams, no honor remains

    The arrow has left the bow of the goddess
    My soul, corrupted by vengeance

    Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
    In my own salvation and your eternal slumber

    Legend shall speak of sacrifice at world’s end
    The wind sails over the water’s surface quietly, but surely

    Loveless - Act V -Made by Genesis-
    Even if the morrow is barren of promises
    Nothing shall forestall my return

    To become the dew that quenches the land
    To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
    I offer thee this silent sacrifice ​
  15. cruelshade

    cruelshade Garena VN

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    Ngày hôm qua
  16. ultima

    ultima Sith Lord Revan GVN Veteran

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    Nơi ở:
    Thanks :'>
  17. logean

    logean C O N T R A

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    Resurrecting (for short term I guess...)


    Through your velvet curtain
    Baptized in my light, so yearn
    I am here, a stand of light
    In your darkness I will shine
    Don't you come, but I am here
    Forever I am always near
    These lonesome, tiring days
    Wish I had been astray, far away
    Until you're gone, and be with me
    I'm always here for you to see
    So light my soul with your beauty
    Then love won't be my misery...​
  18. Xenogear

    Xenogear The Last of Us Quy ẩn giang hồ

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    Sealeap Zack
    bereft of Hope,
    he kicks through the days.
    An insignificant being’s reverie -
    large enough to embrace the whole universe
    is nothing more than a “wicked” conserve.
    Warped and drown
    by the deranged mega-structure – flippantly persecuted.

    Day by day, then
    month by month, and then
    year by year, scorned by the rest,
    forlornly, fearfully, life is ferocious.
    Yet he is there, being aware.
    “One day, they will pay.”
    turns to dust;
    the structure explodes;
    the splendid gem sublimates
    None remains but despondency. Then,
    may Hope be born, within the darkest despair.

    i wrote this a long time ago, these are 2 verses of the 5 i wrote in my english class but i couldn't find the other 3 files anywhere.
    well, it was a few years ago and i was silly, but looking at these lines sure brought back some memories of my earlier days.
  19. hanhito

    hanhito The Warrior of Light

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    *skips anything longer than 3 lines* [​IMG]
  20. CRIME

    CRIME Mega Man

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    Lefthander Co.
    Wats this topic :-s:-s

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