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Thảo luận trong 'League of Legends' bắt đầu bởi Rot1ly, 9/6/23.

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    Rot1ly Youtube Master Race

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    Mình đã chơi LMHT một thời gian nhưng đánh không lên rank được, nguyên do vì toàn đánh đơn, cần tìm người đồng đội, online mỗi tối cày rank.

    Ngoài cày rank, anh em giao lưu với nhau, thỉnh thoảng tặng card điện thoại để khích lệ anh em.

    Thân mến chào anh em!
  2. gamerbi

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    Qua bên box thư giãn hình như có topic rủ đánh LOL đó bác
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    How to choose ceiling light styles for a living room
    When it comes to creating a cozy and inviting living room, one often overlooked element is the ceiling light style. The right choice can make a significant impact on the overall ambiance and functionality of your space. So, if you're ready to shed some light on this illuminating topic and transform your living room into a beacon of style and comfort, join us as we explore the art of choosing the perfect ceiling light style.
    From modern and minimalist to elegant and traditional, we'll guide you through the process with a friend by your side and a smooth tone that will make your living room shine brighter than ever before.


    I. Ceiling Light Types:
    To begin, you should be familiar with all varieties of ceiling lights. The following are the fundamental types of ceiling lights:

    Ceiling lights are classified into two types: flush-mount ceiling lights and semi-flush-mount ceiling lights. Flush mount ceiling lights have little to no space between the body of the light and the ceiling. Semi-flush mount ceiling lights have a space between the fixture's body and the canopy; they are frequently suspended from a short chain or down rod and can give the appearance of a chandelier or lantern. Both are close-to-ceiling lights that produce ambient lighting in a space, but each is ideally suited to a distinct purpose and room type.

    a. When Should Semi-Flush Mounts Be Used:

    Because semi-flush mount lights are mounted with a chain or a rod, they are more helpful and efficient than flush mount lights in a variety of scenarios. They are ideal for rooms with nine- and ten-foot ceilings, although they can also be used in sloped ceilings. Semi-flush fixtures are a better alternative for providing the most ambient light because sloped ceilings are frequently higher than level ceilings.

    b. When to Use Flush Mounts

    The functions of these fixtures can overlap significantly, but a fair rule of thumb is to use flush mount fixtures in rooms with eight-foot ceilings. Semi-flush mount fixtures can provide a safety issue in rooms with low ceilings unless they are less than 12" tall, thus they are best in rooms with nine- and ten-foot ceilings. Semi-flush fixtures lower the light and have the extra benefit of casting light up onto the ceiling, making the entire area feel brighter.

    ⫸⫸⫸ See Also: Top Best Products - Saving Your Money With List Of Products Ceilingfansliving.com[​IMG]

    Glass globe and dome ceiling lights are ideal for mid-century and modern lighting. These lights make a big impression, and because the shades are glass, they glow brightly. White glass shades provide soothing, diffused light, while clear glass shades provide spectacular ambiance in a clean, modern design.

    Ceiling lights with drum shades are a timeless and classic circular shape that adds soothing ambient illumination to a room. These fixtures come in a variety of styles and materials, as well as flush and semi-flush designs. Glass drum shade ceiling lights let in a lot of light and provide a breezy, open look in your space.
    Drum ceiling lights with fabric shades are a popular choice, in part because certain fabric shades can be swapped for a new color or print when your decor is updated. Metal drum shades may give a room a rough feel while remaining elegant and trendy.

    If round, drum, or square-shaped lights don't appeal to you, a geometric ceiling light could. Hexagon ceiling lights, and honeycomb and star-shaped ceiling lights are all trendy, stylish shapes that bring interest and flair to interiors.

    In terms of living room illumination, floor lamps are powerful hitters. They frequently include movable arms that can be used as reading task lights, and most also provide ambient lighting. However, when used alone, they can produce harsh shadows and leave dark places unlit.
    When you pair your floor lamps with ceiling lights, you create a base layer of light that fills the entire space, making your floor lamps even more effective because you can move them to areas where you need more light. Combine dimmers with your living room ceiling lights to create the ideal ambiance and mood lighting in your space.

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    II. Using lights to create diverse moods in a living area.
    "The most important thing for me is to have natural light in a room." What inspires us to use light is how it filters through the architecture and seeps in. Once this is handled, you can just illuminate select nooks in a space rather than lighting the entire room uniformly.

    It is also vital to examine how much light intensity or spread is required to light up different nooks in a room since this will determine the heights, drop lengths, and type of fixtures. Choose softer 'warm white' or ' soft white' bulbs over harsh or 'daylight white' hues. Lacquered finishes are preferred over natural finishes. Finally, search for sculptural accents or interesting aspects in your lighting or furnishings."

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    noblesilver Mr & Ms Pac-Man

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    mobile không?
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    doibuon2002 Youtube Master Race

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    làng chài gamevn
    Đã xóa game
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